marine detailing services outer banks It is important to have your boat washed at least weekly or bi-weekly. This helps maintain its appearance between polishings and keeps your prized possession looking her best all the time. A regular wash will also keep your boat protected from the long term effect of environmental pollutants (salt, diesel soot, bird droppings, dirt, grime, etc.)

Washing your boat is not always as easy as it looks. Over the past several years we have discovered that a soft wash is much gentler on the boats surface. With our techniques added the soft wash is just as effective as those hard abrasive cleansers such as bleach, soft scrub, dawn, joy, etc. Many people wash their boat unknowingly with harsh abrasives and in turn break down their applied sealants and there boats surface. Trust CMD from the beginning to get the job done right the best way, the first time. We look forward to washing your boat.

CMD basic wash package includes the following but can be easily customized or tailored to the needs of any boat.

  • Wash and chamois-dry from the top down
  • Isinglass and windows cleaned and dressed
  • Exterior Metal wiped down and dressed as needed
  • Upholstery cleaned and dressed
  • Nonskid cleaned and protected
  • Special Attention is given to each vessel, finding and preventing problems before they happen

At Coastal Marine Detailing we take extra time to get the job done right. Using the finest products and care possible for your prized possession. Coastal Marine Detailing recommends the following:

Weekly Wash
Exterior washed and dried every week will keep your prized possession looking great throughout the entire season. Always clean and looking great when you're ready to go! Look your best this season.


Bi Weekly Wash
Exterior Washed and dried from top down. This is a great choice for the new boat owners. To help keep your boat looking like the first day you laid your eyes on her.
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Here at Coastal Marine Detailing we only use the finest products. We have found that sealants are far better and last longer than standard wax. With our experience and the use of many different products we have found that all wax, even those so called best marine waxes (Paste and Liquid) heat up, soften and hold dirt vs sealants that repel any environmental pollutant. So, be assured when you are having work done by CMD we are building a protective barrier on your boat's surface to keep it from being harmed by things such as, sun, salt, spills and the weather. The surface will be easier to maintain so to insure the beauty and longevity of your boat.
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Topside Buff & Polish
Two Coats of Machine or Hand Sealant, followed by either a machine or hand buff from the rub rail up. Always a two step process. Recommended for new boats/yachts, or boats that are not oxidized.
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Hull buff & Polish
Two coats of Machine or Hand Sealant are applied followed by either a machine or hand buff from the rub rail down. Always a two-step process. Recommended for new boats, or boats that are not oxidized.
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We believe in and recommend refinishing techniques to bring your boat back to life. For boats that have this medium to heavy oxidation we use a rubbing compound and a special method to bring the full color back to deeply faded boats. This procedure should only be done by a professional boat care specialist!!

If your boat has any medium to heavy oxidation (dull chalky appearance) it needs to be removed. By doing this we are restoring your boats surface, from there we add a protective sealant and this will give you a long lasting shine. This form of service truly sets Coastal Marine Detailing out above all of the rest in the detailing world.

Topside Renewal w/ Compound, Buff and Polish
High speed buff with compound then followed by a finer compound to remove swirls. Then two coats of sealant are applied from the rub rail up. Always a four step process for heavily oxidized boat/yachts.

Hull Renewal w/ Compound, Buff and Polish
High speed buff with compound then followed by a swirl removal. Then two coats of sealant are applied from the rub rail down. Always a four step process for heavily oxidized boat/yachts.
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Metal Polishing
Rust, tarnish, oxidation and pitting is a never ending problems that will occur on every boat over time without proper protection. We take care of bow rails, cleats, T-top, tower and all other metal items on your boat and we can make them look almost new again. We can remove even the toughest of rust stains. Our renewal process will also help protect your bright works from future corrosion.

Outrigger Options

"Quick Shine"
Woody's Wax (up to two months protection)

Metal Wax (6months Protection)

Last resort option for outriggers almost beyond repair. Clean then apply appropriate amount of sealant.
Here at CMD we found a great new innovative product that lasts between 1-2 years. Must be reapplied annually to maximize the longevity of the outriggers.
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Leather & Vinyl Cleaning
Mildew is inevitable when dealing with something so close to the water. Upholstery cleaning and mildew removal will have your leather and vinyl looking like new. Our cleaning and protection application services will help to protect your cushions from the elements.
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Isinglass / Stratglass Cleaning
Vinyl is a UV-sensitive material which degrades with exposure to sunlight. With the isinglass treatment we will be able to remove dirt, improve visibility, and reduce signs of scratches. We use a special product to repel water, dust, dirt, salt and ultra-violet radiation. We also provide anti-fog and anti-glare finishes. Without proper care vinyl will become cracked, yellow and scratched.
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Water Spot Removal
Water spots are an inevitable problem, especially on boats in marinas where hard water is used and the wind is constantly blowing. Fortunately here at Coastal Marine Detailing we found a great product that keeps those windows looking spotless. This product along with our special technique allows us to remove those unsightly hard water spots and keep those windows clear for times when you really need them.

Acid washing is also available when extreme measures need to be taken. We are environmentally friendly and always insure that the materials that we use are safe for your boat and the environment.
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Interior Cleaning
Coastal Marine Detailing offers a variety of services when dealing with the interior or your boat. We offer a general cabin clean which involves clean-up of interior areas, light vacuuming of carpets, wipe down of galley counters, and a simple clean and deodorizing of the bathroom areas. Each boat has different needs and we specialize in customizing packages for each and ever boat. We work with all clients to ensue that the proper care is given to every area.
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Engine Room & Bildge Cleaning
All engines big and small need to be kept clean. It is always easier to diagnose a problem when they occur if the engine is clean. If needed, it is also a great selling feature to have your engine room and bilge in pristine condition. We provide a full and comprehensive engine room cleaning by degreasing engines and cleaning out the bilge.
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Acid Washing
Removal of marine growth on the hull due to barnacles, algae, fresh water stains, grime etc.
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Bottom Painting
Paint applied to a bottom that has existing paint

Bottom Paint (Touch ups)

  • Touch up bare spots
  • Apply paint to the side and areas on the bottom

Bottom Paint (Re-Coat)

  • Sand (if needed)
  • Tape off pre existing water line
  • Apply bottom paint

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